Instructions For Consolidated Bearings Online Catalog:

Search Products by part number, bearing type, manufacturer, or metric/inch dimensions.

  • Part Numbers can be entered partially (i.e. AX for AX-4-ZZ) or without special characters (i.e AX4ZZ for AX-4-ZZ)
  • Please include a unit of measurement if searching dimension(s)
  • If searching dimension(s) for fractions such as 1/2, specify decimal value i.e. 0.5

Interchange Lookup lets you look for bearing numbers by selecting the beginning letter or number, bringing you to series selector. You may then select the exact series or go to a manufacturer selection or view the catalog page.

Manufacturer Lookup lets you select a manufacturer, series code and then the bearing.

Browse Catalog using the same Table of Contents found in our printed catalog.

Technical Data gives you internal clearances, tolerances and useful tables for your calculations.