New Product Feature

Bearing Solutions for all of your Food Processing Applications

Consolidated Bearings Company is pleased to offer a complete line of stainless steel deep groove ball bearings featuring food-grade grease or solid lubrication. Ideal for use in a wide variety of food process applications, our bearings are manufactured utilizing stainless steel for optimal performance and include Mobil ™ FM222 grease that is FDA compliant.
Consolidated is also excited to offer a wide variety of solid lubricants through our partnership with MicroPoly®. Consisting of a mixture of polymers, oils, and other additives, MicroPoly® solid lubricants provide superior lubricity, reduced maintenance costs, and longer service life than traditional lubricants. Applications for solid lubricants include food processing, steel, mining, chain, metal processing, foundry, OEM, printing, and automotive manufacturing. PhyMet's MPF-0696 and MPF-1150 food-grade lubricants are NSF registered for both H1 and H2 applications. MicroPoly is a registered trademark of PhyMet, Inc.